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Boulder Affordable Rentals

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and affordable places to call home, and our 20+ apartment communities through our Boulder Affordable Rentals provide that and more.

What’s Available?

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Live Affordably in Boulder

Boulder Affordable Rentals are less expensive than typical market rate apartments in Boulder, offering income-qualified residents an opportunity to live affordably in Boulder.

Rentals feature studio to four-bedroom apartments and townhomes, with varied amenities such as in-home washers/dryers, patios or balconies, and outdoor community spaces. Many are near to the heart of Boulder and desirable neighborhoods, offering easy access to Boulder’s bike trails, RTD transit system, retail or restaurants. Pets are welcome at many of these pet-friendly apartments in Boulder.

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Do I Income-Qualify?

A wide range of incomes are accepted and you may be surprised to learn you qualify.

Maximum Income Varies by Apartment Community and Individual Apartment

Each of these apartments has a maximum income that can be earned in order to qualify. Applicants may still qualify if they earn less, but income cannot exceed these amounts at these locations.

Household Maximum Income to Qualify | 60% of Boulder County’s Area Median Income (AMI)

Household Size1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income May Not Exceed$61,320$70,080$78,840$87,600$94,620$101,640$108,660$115,680

Household Maximum Income to Qualify | 50% of Boulder County’s Area Median Income (AMI)

Household Size1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income May Not Exceed$51,100$58,400$65,700$73,000$78,850$84,700$90,550$96,400

You can also find an apartment’s maximum income to qualify when it’s available on our Now Renting page.

Minimum Monthly Income to Qualify
Households are required to earn a minimum gross monthly income of two times the rent (unless using a Housing Choice Voucher) to qualify for a Boulder Affordable Rental.

How Much is Rent?

Rents are set at rates that are lower than typical market rate rents in Boulder. Rent amounts are shown with each available listing and will stay the same each month throughout the term of the lease.

Ranges of Rent:

  • Studio: $614 – $1,228
  • 1 Bdrm: $658 – $1,316
  • 2 Bdrm: $789 – $1,579
  • 3 Bdrm: $912– $1,824
  • 4 Bdrm: $1,017 – $2,035

Why is there a range of rent per bedroom size?

Rents at some apartment communities may be available at a lower rate for households who qualify with a lower amount of income. There are a set number of apartments available at different rates so we cannot guarantee an apartment home will be available at a lower amount.

Additional Qualification Criteria:

  • Student, liquid asset, and homeownership restrictions apply.
  • Applicants and household members must be free of evictions within the past three years and be able to provide two years of satisfactory rental history from a third party. If unable to provide rental history, an increased security deposit may be required.
  • All applicants will be required to pass a criminal background check.

Are any of these communities specifically for older adults 55+?

Yes! High Mar is an apartment community in our Boulder Affordable Rentals program specifically for older adults age 55+. All other communities specifically for older adults are in our Deeply Affordable Rentals program, and can be found on our Communities for Seniors and People with Disabilities page.

Leasing Information

Security Deposit: $500 or up to 1 month’s rent

Pet Fees: None

Lease Term: 12 months

How to Apply

A link to pre-qualify will appear with each rental when an apartment becomes available. Applications are not accepted ahead of time. To get a better understanding if you would qualify based on income, see the maximum income limit that is posted with each available apartment and be sure you earn 2 times the posted rent amount.

How do I get started?

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