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Prioritizing 100% renewable energy by 2030

We seek to achieve 100 percent renewable electricity across our portfolio by 2030. We aim to increase energy conservation through education and engagement, and by developing buildings for energy efficiency with a goal of near net-zero consumption.

0 megawatts
of total solar installed, produces approximately 50% of BHP’s electricity

BHP’s 3.8-Acre Dedicated Solar Garden

One of the first in the nation with energy dedicated 100% to affordable housing

In partnership with GRID Alternatives, BHP finalized the installation of our dedicated solar garden in North Boulder on a 3.8-acre parcel of land adjacent to the Gateway Fun Park center. The entire 628 kw solar garden is dedicated to offsetting energy use by BHP and its residents. The City of Boulder provided financial support to this solar project to help maximize the utility bill savings for residents. GRID’s National Tribal Program managed the installation of the solar garden, employing tribal members who were deeply impacted by COVID-19. The solar garden will generate 19,277,306 kWh in the next ten years, offsetting an estimated 13,630 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of planting 225,000 trees.

Boulder Housing Partners Reaches 2.6 MW Solar

Arrays include rooftop solar (952kw), community solar gardens (1.5 MW), and BHP’s dedicated solar garden (628 kw)

Boulder Housing Partners reached 2.6 MW of solar in 2020 with the completion of the 3.8-acre dedicated solar garden, additional rooftop solar installed at Canopy at Red Oak Park, Ciclo, and Glen Willow, and an additional 1.58 megawatts from community solar gardens located throughout Boulder County. The Boulder Housing Partners main office solar array also serves as a unique battery backup power system (microgrid) in the event of longer-term outages.

City of Boulder SmartRegs Certified

All 36 apartment communities meet SmartRegs energy efficiency standards

City of Boulder SmartRegs are a series of ordinances that supports renter comfort and reduced energy waste by requiring all rental housing to meet energy efficiency standards. The City’s sustainability objectives met through these requirements include environmental, health, economic vitality, and social equity.

BHP retrofits lighting at the main office to LED, approximately half of the properties are now 100% LED

BHP, in partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) and MAC Electric, retrofitted the lighting in our main office building to LED bulbs which use approximately 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. The new lighting is projected to supply an estimated savings of $121,740 and 33,375 KWh over 15 years. The environmental impact is equivalent to 391 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. This is the third location we have retrofitted in the last two years and we will continue to search for LED retrofit opportunities in the future. Approximately half of BHP properties now have 100% LED lighting.

Energy Tip:

Unplug unused appliances and devices in your home to save energy and up to $100-$200 a year.