Boulder Housing Partners Foundation

Mobilizing resources for supportive, life-enriching, and community building services.


The mission of the Boulder Housing Partners Foundation is to help BHP residents pursue successful, productive, and dignified lives by mobilizing resources for supportive, life-enriching, and community building services.

We accomplish this mission through:

  • Stewardship of the resident services vision for Boulder Housing Partners
  • Advocacy and partnership with service providers in the local community
  • Fundraising and grant-making for essential resident services

Donations and grants received by the 501 (c) 3 BHP Foundation have provided many supportive services to our residents to help with housing and economic stability, health and wellness, and educational programming for children of all ages.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

The BHP Foundation Board made a strategic decision in 2013 to focus on closing the opportunity gap so that children living in BHP affordable apartment communities are able to achieve the same high academic performance and career success as more affluent peers. We take a two-generation approach, supporting both children and parents, with access to resources that are often lacking for lower-income students compared with higher-income peers.

Invaluable Community Partners:

Why does the Opportunity Gap Occur?

Watch this video narrated by Morgan Freeman to learn more about why the gap occurs and how we can close it. The video created by the Campaign for Grade Level Reading describes that for children without access to resources:

  • by the time of 3rd birthday, they can be exposed to 30,000,000 fewer words.
  • by the time of kindergarten, they can fall behind in language and pre-reading skills by 12-14 months.
  • by the time of 3rd grade, if not reading at grade-level, they’re 13x’s more likely to drop out of high-school

How We Work to Close the Opportunity Gap

Funding Focus Area

Bringing School Home: Early Childhood

Bringing School Home provides child-focused, parent-centered two-generation services at the point of greatest impact: home.

Our service-enriched housing model strives to improve housing stability for families with children prenatal through age 5; to increase access to affordable, quality childcare and early education; and to improve child health and well-being.

Funds support summer learning programs for young children, parenting classes, emergency needs for families, resource coordination, and leadership and community engagement opportunities.

Funding Focus Area

Internet and Computer Access

Having access to the internet is one of the key predictors of educational attainment and future income. We understood this impact several years ago, and in 2012 we launched a campaign to provide internet access at all of our deeply affordable apartment communities serving families.

We continue to support opportunities for internet and device access as technology is an ever-increasing part of educational and career development.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

With the help of supporters like you, the Boulder Housing Partners’ Foundation works to help close the opportunity gaps for children and to support parents living in Boulder Housing Partners’ (BHP’s) most affordable communities so that all families will thrive.

Thanks to your support we have a lot to celebrate. In 2020:

  • 90% of BHP’s 3- and 4-year-olds living in our highly affordable, service-enriched communities participated in preschool;
  • 96% of BHP’s High School students living in our highly affordable, service-enriched communities graduated;
  • 215 children under the age of 8, and their parents, participated in “Bringing School Home-Early Childhood” program;
  • New books in English and Spanish were distributed to 450 children, grades kindergarten through 12th grade as seen on Boulder Channel 8.
We thank you for your support!
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The BHP Foundation supports innovative and impactful Resident Service initiatives at Boulder Housing Partners apartment communities.

BHP Resident Service Awards include:

2018Mountain Plains NAHRO Resident Services Award: Bringing School-Home Early Childhood
2017NAHRO Agency Award of Merit: Internet Inclusivity
2017Mountain Plains NAHRO Resident Services Award: Internet Inclusivity
2011CoNAHRO Resident and Client Services Award, Kalmia Computer Lab