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Decreasing emissions while expanding alternate transportation options

Boulder Housing Partners promotes alternative transportation to decrease emissions and provides transportation options for BHP Community Members.

BHP households have bus passes (free or reduced rate)

Collaboration provides approximately 50 Electric Bikes for resident use

Through a collaboration with Community Cycles and Boulder B-cycle, approximately 50 eBikes are being made available to BHP residents to support frontline, essential workers in the community. The eBikes will be made available later in 2021 through Boulder B-cycle’s existing bike sharing program, a model that will address residents’ expressed viewpoints about parking, secure storage, and maintaining an e-bike. The Colorado Energy Office awarded grants through its Can Do Colorado eBike Spring 2021 Pilot Program to help expand eBike access in communities across the state while maximizing air quality benefits. In addition, it supports the Office’s objective of a just and equitable transition to zero-emissions travel. We congratulate Community Cycles for being a Can Do Colorado award recipient. If you are a BHP Resident interested in an eBike, please contact Tim Beal, Director of Sustainable Communities, bealt@boulderhousing.org.

Partnership with Colorado CarShare provides nearby stations and reduced rates for residents

Colorado CarShare (previously eGo CarShare) is not-for-profit car sharing organization providing the option to live a car-lite lifestyle, while reducing our collective impact on the planet. Car sharing provides access to vehicles without the high cost of car ownership, while replacing 9-13 personal cars from our roads with one car share vehicle. Stations are conveniently located at or near several BHP apartment communities, or near to bus stops and B-cycle stations. Residents interested in reduced membership can reach out to resourceconnect@boulderhousing.org.

Electric vehicle charging stations available at several BHP Communities

12 EV stations (and counting!) are available for resident and staff use

Electric vehicle car charging stations are installed at our newest developments for resident use and at our main office building. We continue to seek opportunities to install stations to support clean-air transportation options and access for residents of all income-levels.

Boulder B-Cycle Bike Sharing provides free membership for BHP Residents

Through a partnership with Boulder B-Cycle, all BHP residents qualify for a free annual Boulder B-cycle membership with access to their city-wide bike sharing program. Boulder B-Cycle has been providing Boulder with reliable bike-sharing service, and their system now counts 300 shared bikes across key areas and destinations in Boulder. Residents interested in free membership can reach out to resourceconnect@boulderhousing.org

Transportation Tip:

A passenger car carrying one person emits 89 pounds of CO2 per 100 passenger miles, while a full bus emits only 14 pounds. Why does that make a difference? Because CO2 is a greenhouse gas, adding more of it to the atmosphere causes our climate to warm.