Leasing your Rental to a Housing Choice Voucher

Private rental owners are essential partners in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program and in our local community.

We thank our current owners and invite those who are considering leasing their rental to a Housing Choice Voucher participant to learn more or to reach out to us with any questions!

Learn more about Housing Choice Vouchers

Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) receives federal funding to provide rental assistance to more than 1,400+ low-income households, which allows seniors, people with disabilities and families with children to live in our community. We count on private rental owners, like you, to lease to voucher holders – as without this vital partnership, the program could not exist.

How Vouchers Work

The program works as a rental subsidy, allowing eligible households to pay a reasonable amount of their income toward their rent. When you lease to someone with a Housing Choice Voucher (formerly known as Section 8), the resident pays their rent portion directly to you, and Boulder Housing Partners pays you the remainder through a monthly direct deposit. Voucher holders may be seniors, people with disabilities, and families who have all been approved for the Housing Choice Program.

Renting to a Voucher Holder

Renting to a community member with a Housing Choice Voucher is very similar to renting to others. Homeowners advertise an availability, screen potential residents, then select a new resident as they would normally do. Before signing the lease and setting up rent payments, there are few steps for the rental owner and the resident to complete, as outlined in this Step-by-Step Guide. In the guide, you’ll see that we do an initial inspection of the rental to ensure residents are living in a safe and well-maintained environment, and that we provide this inspection every two to three years thereafter.

Benefits of Renting to a Voucher Holder

Receiving feedback from our owners is important to us. We’ve highlighted just a few of the benefits that our participating homeowners have experienced:

Consistent and On-Time Rent Payments

All participating homeowners receive BHP’s housing assistance payment via direct deposit on the 3rd business day of the month. We can also assist in holding residents accountable for their portion of the rent should that ever be needed. Just reach out to us.

Rent Received from BHP Through Month’s End for an Early Move Out

If a resident moves out early before the end of a month, you keep BHP’s full payment.

Control of the Lease Terms and Annual Rent Increases

You can advertise, screen and select your resident, just as you would normally do. Once the lease is signed with a participant, both parties are bound by the terms as usual. Reasonable rent increases can also be accepted upon lease renewal. We just request 60-days notice to make sure payments are adjusted accordingly and that the new rent is comparable and reasonable.

Housing Assistance Coordinator Support

We continue to monitor the eligibility of each household receiving assistance. We do this to ensure ongoing compliance with all program agreements, including your lease terms. We are available to assist with any lease compliance questions!

A Sense of Personal Satisfaction

Many of our owners have expressed a sense of personal satisfaction and a community connection by providing a rental opportunity and a place to call home to their fellow low-income neighbors.

Voucher Contact Information

Have questions? Please reach out!

Karen Brunnemer, MTW and Federal Policy Director, 720-564-4631, landlords@boulderhousing.org.

Are you interested in renting your apartment home to a voucher holder?

We’d love to have you join the program and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call, send us an email or come by our office.

Are you a current owner looking to contact your Housing Assistance Coordinator?

You can now login to the Landlord Portal to find which Housing Assistance Coordinator is assigned your rental(s) and their latest contact information.