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Housing First at Lee Hill

Housing First recognizes that people experiencing homelessness—like all people—need the safety and stability of a home in order to best address challenges and pursue opportunities.

Boulder Housing Partners’ Lee Hill Community operates in partnership with the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to provide Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) through the Housing First approach. The fully-furnished PSH apartments at Lee Hill offer 31 households the opportunity to live in a supported yet independent apartment environment as they transition out of chronic homelessness.

Who is this program for?

Apartments through the PSH program at Lee Hill are for people with disabilities experiencing chronic homelessness who have lived in Boulder for at least one year (with documented interactions with homeless support agencies). Maximum income may not exceed 30% of the Area Median Income, or for 1 person: $24,570; 2 people: $28,080. Additional qualifying criteria apply.

How do I apply?

To become a resident at Lee Hill, you must join the wait list through Metro Denver Homeless initiative (MDHI), a reference from the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, or another local agency. When an apartment becomes available, a list of eligible residents is sent to the Permanent Supportive Housing team at the Boulder Shelter. The Shelter processes the eligibility of all applications using the Housing First Criteria, then the application is processed by Boulder Housing Partners.

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Impacts of Housing First and the Lee Hill Community

The Housing First model is being implemented around the country as a way to reduce chronic homelessness by providing people with housing and supportive services to help them achieve long-term stability. Supportive services at Lee Hill are provided by the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless through on-site case management. Case management can include helping residents obtain community services, such as federal income benefits, mental health supports, medical care, counseling and job training.

2020 Spotlight on the Housing First Approach in Colorado

See the impact of Lee Hill and meet a resident near 1:58 in CBS’s 2020 Spotlight on the Housing First Approach in Colorado.

Summary Annual Report

Each year, we provide a summary annual report, that tells a story of a place where community members are rebuilding lives. Many residents are creating long-term stable homes at these apartments and now have access to health and financial resources such as Medicaid/Medicare, SSI/SSDI, and Aid to the Needy and Disabled. In addition to the support of case management, over 17 partner agencies provide services to connect residents to mental health support, food services, classes and more.

Lee Hill Annual Report 2023