About Bringing School Home

In partnership with the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) and other community partners, such as “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County, Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) is offering Bringing School Home — an innovative program that brings together quality, affordable housing and educational opportunities for the whole family.

Families who meet eligibility requirements and are committed to participating in educational programming to support their children’s long-term success may apply to Bringing School Home through BHP. Supportive services start when families move into a Bringing School Home community and continue as children move along their educational path toward high school graduation.

Who is Eligible?

Bringing School Home is offered at our Deeply Affordable Communities where eligible residents pay approximately 30-40% of their income towards rent.

Apartments are open to families who live or work in Boulder County, have at least one child under the age of 6, and will pass the housing screening criteria of our Deeply Affordable Communities. Families who are accepted into Bringing School Home, commit to participating in specific supportive services focused on helping children achieve success in education.

There is no minimum income required to qualify, and applicants may earn up to 50% of the Area Median Income to qualify:

Household Size12345678
Income May Not Exceed$51,100$58,400$65,700$73,000$78,850$84,700$90,550$96,400

Which BHP communities participate in Bringing School Home?

Bringing School Home operates in four deeply affordable communities managed by Boulder Housing Partners:

Each of these communities can access rich resources, including community centers with libraries, computers, Wi-Fi, and comprehensive and long-term educational programs.

What types of educational opportunities are provided?

During the first three months of participation, EFAA provides case management in the areas of housing stabilization, meeting basic needs, and identifying goals to support children. A wide variety of educational opportunities then continue through BHP’s Resident Services Department, partner organizations, and participant-driven programs. Participating parents will be part of a leadership group that works with the BHP Resident Services Education Coordinator to implement programs such as:

  • Summer literacy
  • After-school enrichment
  • Dental and developmental screenings for children
  • Field trips to museums
  • Parent/child art and recreation classes
  • Playgroups, parenting classes, and workshops

In addition to programming for young children and parents, older siblings will also receive educational support. If offered the opportunity, children will be expected to participate in the “I Have a Dream” program.

How do I apply?

The waitlist list is currently closed and last opened in November 2022. Boulder Housing Partners accepts all applications and maintains the waitlist for Bringing School Home communities.

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