FAQ for Current Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Residents

Changes in income

Changes in number of household members

Moving out

Maintenance and Repairs

Accommodation Requests


Changes in Income

Decreasing household income

If your income decreases on a permanent basis (not including seasonal employment), you need to provide 3rd party written verification of this change in order for us to decrease your next month's rent.

Examples of acceptable written documentation:

We must receive the documentation within 10 days of the changes and by the 20th of the month for your next month's rent to reflect changes.

Increasing household income

If your income increases, you must provide 3rd party written verification of these changes within 10 days of the change. If you do not, you may be responsible for paying additional rent retroactively.

Examples of acceptable written documentation:

Changes in Number of Household Members

To add children to your lease:

If you have had a baby, adopted a child or received legal custody of a minor under the age of 18 you must provide a:

  • birth certificate
  • social security card
  • and documentation of legal custody

To add an adult to your household

They must meet the eligibility criteria before moving into your rental unit. You must submit a written lease addition request to both your Occupancy Specialist and property manager.

To remove a household member

If a household member is moving or is absent from your rental home for 30 days or more, you need to notify both  your Section 8 Occupancy Specialist and Property Manager in writing.

Moving out

Verify with your Section 8 Occupancy Specialist that you are eligible to move at the end of your  lease term. Then, give 30 day written notice to vacate form to your property manager and your Section 8 Occupancy Specialist. Call  BHP or stop by BHP to pick up form.

Moving to a different property within the Housing Choice Voucher program

After you complete your 12-month lease you will be eligible to move. Turn in a 30 day written notification to your landlord and your occupancy specialist to vacate by the first of a month. Once you have provided the 30 day notice, you will need to re-certify your file. We will mail you an updated maximum rent calculation to help you find a new home.

Moving out of the City of Boulder

If you have a voucher through BHP and you want to move out of Boulder County, submit a portability request form and your 30-day notice to vacate form to your Section 8 Occupancy Specialist stating where you want your file sent.

If you have a housing choice voucher, you can transfer your assistance anywhere there is a Public Housing Agency in the U.S. or its Territories.

Moving to the City of Boulder

If you have a voucher through another housing authority and you want to move to the City of Boulder, you must first contact the housing authority where your voucher was issued and ask them to port your voucher to BHP. Once the portability file is received by BHP you will be scheduled for our required briefing. The briefing is required prior to renting a home in Boulder.

Maintenance and Repairs

Please contact your landlord for any maintenance issues if you live at a property owned or managed by someone other than BHP. If it is a BHP property, call the maintenance line at 720-546-4620. Follow the prompts to leave a work order. Repairs will be prioritized based on level of urgency.

If you are calling in an emergency repair, be sure to stay on the line while the phone system transfers you to an emergency cell phone. You may hear a minute of silence before your call transfers. Please do not hang up.

Accommodation Requests

A reseasonable accommodation request  is a request for an exception to BHP policies and procedures. It may include, for instance, installing ramps or grab bars for people with limited mobility or providing air-conditioning for people with documented medical conditions. Please complete the reasonable accomodation request form and send to your property manager.


To solve problems most effectively, we ask that all complaints be submitted in writing. We must have a written Resident Communication Form before we can take action.