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Help Us Close the Achievement Gap

The BHP Foundation Board made a strategic decision to focus on closing the achievement gap for the children who live in our properties.

In the Fall of 2012, the BHP Foundation launched a campaign to provide internet access at all of our housing sites. Today, having access to the internet is one of the key predictors of educational attainment and future income.

To make a donation or read more about BHP's commitment to closing the Achievement Gap, click here.


2013 Pilot Summer Literacy Program

Our 2013 summer pilot literacy program was developed in partnership with BVSD, Impact on Education, and the Boulder Public Library. Our pilot program brought bi-lingual teachers from Columbine Elementary and Foothills Elementary to our Kalmia public housing site up to four days a week. When the teachers were not on site, the children had access to the technology like iPods and iPads to continue improving their literacy skills.

Results from Boulder Housing Partners and Boulder Valley School District's Pilot Summer School Program

One of BHP's family public housing properties was the site of a pilot program sponsored by BVSD, Impact on Education (the BVSD Foundation), the Boulder Public Library, and the BHP Foundation. The pilot program brought bi-lingual teachers from University Hill Elementary, Columbine Elementary and Foothills Elementary to our Kalmia community up to four days a week. The goal was to address a phenomenon common among lower-income students called the "summer slide." Low-income students tend to lose proficiency in math and reading over the summer at a greater rate than their more affluent peers. We're very pleased to report that, based on student testing at the start of this school year; the Kalmia students averaged a positive growth of 0.01 grade levels. While this growth is small, this data tells us that the Kalmia students not only resisted the "summer slide" but they progressed by 0.01. With this data, all of the parties are planning a large expansion for next summer.

BHP Foundation Mission

Boulder Housing Partners created the nonprofit 501 (c) 3 Foundation to fund the critical service needs of its residents at a time when many traditional sources of funding are being reduced. The mission of the Boulder Housing Partners Foundation is to help Boulder Housing Partners residents pursue successful, productive and dignified lives by mobilizing resources for supportive, life-enriching, and community building services.

We accomplish this mission through:

  • Stewardship of the resident services vision for Boulder Housing Partners
  • Advocacy  and partnership with service providers in the local community
  • Fundraising and grant-making for essential resident services

Donations and grants received by the BHP Foundation have provided many supportive services to our residents to help them retain their housing, live independently and safely, and move toward becoming economically self-sufficient.

Learn more about what is needed now and how you can help.

Board of Directors

Bob Walker, President
Scott Holton, Vice President
Lynn Guissinger, Secretary
Midge Korczak, Past President
Scott Holton
Neil Littmann
Betty Hoye
Laurie Albright
Jim Topping

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